Rebecca is dedicated to taking care of bodies, minds, and souls through healthy, nutritionally informed eating, meditation, and movement.

Rebecca is certified as a Nutritional Health Coach and as a Holistic Health Practitioner. She has experience teaching massage at Monterey Peninsula College and Mueller College in San Diego. She teaches nutritional cooking classes at her home and Happy Girl Kitchen in Pacific Grove. Rebecca currently has a private practice for both health coaching and massage. 

Meet Rebecca


We ground ourselves and feel the energy of the earth and universal energy. We then do a self-healing becoming deeply calm and peaceful. Last, we journey to heal a part of earth or for deeper insight, knowing that as we have created harmony within, we are creating harmony in the world. 

In a professional environment,  Rebecca will reduce your aches and pains.  20+ years experience and 2000 hours of education that keep accumulating, guide her for your personal therapy, whether it is for pain reduction, gait improvement or greater mobility and flexibility. It is a therapeutic "fix it" massage more than a spa experience. 

​Rebecca's extensive knowledge of plant-based cooking and superfoods culminate in tasty, satisfying meals you can't resist.  Some of these classes come from her book: Nutritional Wisdom inCooking:

A 30 Meal Guide

 which can be ordered on Amazon or purchased from Rebecca.

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​          Rebecca Lee's Healing Way 

  Cooking Classes                                 Health Coaching                                 Massage                                           Meditation              

Both the latest nutritional research and demographic research cite great benefits of a plant-based diet.  Let Rebecca's wisdom about bodies and expertise about plant-based nutrition guide you to your best health in a way that is tuned in to your unique tastes and lifestyle.  Reach your goals, be they healing, weight loss or athletics.