Benefits of Massage Therapy


  • Relaxes and Tones Your Muscles aka "the lazy person's work out"

  • Resolves Injuries without surgery by balancing the muscles that caused the misalignment in the first place. The muscular tension that pulled two bones too close together or stretched the muscle too tightly is released.

  • Prevents injuries by maintaining a relaxed muscle state. Often injuries are a result of long-term chronic unhealthy muscle tension that "just one day snapped” when the load got too much.

  • Energizes you because much less of your used on unconscious muscle tension and stagnating meridian blockages.  Have you ever noticed how tired you were when had a backache?  A lot of energy goes into holding those muscles very tightly in spasm, energy that could otherwise be used for life.  

  • Simulates biochemical "happiness" in the nervous and endocrine systems, reminding us of being loved and cared for so the brain registers a happy experience and hormones are produced that make us feel better, calmer and more serene. This Reduces Stress!  Simply,  touch literally makes you feel good.

  • Promotes Circulation, both blood and lymph, especially valuable if we are sedentary or temporarily immobile so as to keep tissues fed and edema (water retention) at bay.

  • Vitalizes Skin and Regulates Oil Glands primarily from the increased circulation but also the manual pressing and releasing cleanses the dermis layer (under the epidermis).

  • Breaks down Adhesions in Connective Tissue, so loosens rigidity.  This happens when a muscle is held tight for so long, the surrounding fascia becomes glued together and fails to stretch.  This also happens after an injury when the injured site is held rigid to protect itself or from overuse without stretching or sedentary habits.

  • Improves Joint Mobility by keeping the muscles surrounding the joint, and crossing over the joint, supple and flexible.

  • Increases Body Awareness, so you can better take care of yourself.  When you become aware of the consequences your patterns are having, you have the power to change.