Allow a vibrant, educated, longtime vegan to share her wisdom with you on how to be in your best health while eating to sustain the planet.  Whether you want to eat plant-based two meals per week or transition to a wholly plant-based lifestyle, these classes are appropriate and supportive of your goals.  

One goal is to help you, a busy modern person, cook for yourself easily.....and in doing so, achieve greater health, and have more energy. 

Another goal is to educate you about how to cook (cooking methodologies) so that your food retains the highest possible nutritional value, giving your body every nutrient it needs to self heal and prevent chronic disease

Cooking Classes

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Here is a video class on Rebecca's Vegan Sour Cream

​Super Healthy, Earth Friendly, Hearty, Easy, Quick Cooking!  

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           Plant-based meals are healthier, greatly ease weight loss, while preventing heart disease and cancer.