Daily Water Calculator: How much should I drink every day?

Your body weight, divided in half equals the number of ounces to drink EVERY DAY
For ex. if someone weighs 140 lbs., then: 140/2= 70 oz        

70 ounces is between 8 and 9 glasses of water.


Hint 1:Get several stainless steel water bottles that add up to close to the number of ounces you need per day.  Fill them in the morning and carry them with you in your car so you can take one to the office, the gym etc. 

Hint 2:Get just 1 water bottle.  Use the phone App: Waterloggedto keep track of your ounces each time you finish your bottle.

You can add a little lemon juice or orange juice to the water so your electrolytes and minerals do not get depleted if you are working out heavily. 

Dehydration can be induced by:

1) eating concentrated foods: meats, cheeses, breads, crackers and junk food

2) taking medications, or diuretics

3) salty foods, dry herbs in capsule form

 Dehydration symptoms are: 

headaches     constipation     fatigue     sugar cravings

Q:Why do we have to drink so much water these days?  My grandparents didn't and they were fine.  If I drink all this, I'll be drinking when I'm not even thirsty.                             A:Today our world is filled with human produced pollution/poisons in the:

~air we breathe

~chemicals in the water we drink

~pesticides, herbicides, artificial colors/flavors, preservatives, thickeners, enhancers, antibiotics, hormones etc. in the food we consume

chemicals in the body washes, make up, dryer sheets etc. we absorb through our skin.

It is not the same world your grandparents lived in; it is dirtier and less pure and more                          challenging to our immune systems.                                                                 Water helps us survive this daily bombardment of poisonous chemicals by helping our                                    organs flush them out.                                                                          This is why we need to drink more water than ever before. 


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