Why do I need a health coach?  Shouldn't I be disciplined enough to do this on my own?  

Be truthful with yourself.  Do you keep trying to change and winding up in the same place? Do you know what is keeping you from succeeding?  If you don't get coaching, where will you be in 6 months?

Bad habits come from either childhood or periods of stress in our lives when we were coping not thriving. Changing these habits is like tackling an octopus that has you from behind; you may be only partly aware its there because you've had it for so long and the tentacles restrict many aspects of your life.

Empower yourself to use all resources possible to help you succeed to create the life and health you want.

As you get excited about your progress, any guilt feelings dissipate because you become aware YOU ARE doing it.  

Coaches mirror what's going on, help you identify goals, break those goals down into manageable tasks, hold you accountable, bring understanding and awareness to your behaviors so you can try again and determine what does work for you as a unique individual.  Coaches listen, hold the space and encourage until you transform.


Why is regular massage needed?
Modern life has stresses and sedentary habits that are not good for bodies.  When muscles get tight and are left that way, they pull on the tendons that cross the joint, literally squeezing the joint space, eventually causing the cartilage lining to rub away and leave us with "bone-on-bone."  Therapeutic Massage loosens the muscles, works out adhesions in the fascia so is restorative to the tissues and  posture.

Why doesn't complete healing always happen in one massage session?   Habits recreate the poor posture and bring the tension back...the way you sit in the car or at your desk.  And the nervous system has been firing inappropriately in a poor posture so as you change, the nervous system needs time to create new connections and for those connections to get strong.   

What is the best timing between sessions?  Consistent.  The nervous system reacts best when the tune ups are consistently spaced, be it once every two weeks or once a month.

How do I "self maintain"?     Become Aware of when your body is going back to its old posture.  Then you can stop and do your activity differently.  Do the exercises and affirmations we design and choose for you.  

How does healing happen?  Your body has a blueprint for its healthy self that it remembers. Relaxation returns it to that state so massage helps.  Rest and good nutrition support the healthy state.  When we relax we acknowledge the present and stop remembering the past with it's problems, healing happens.