Why do I need a health coach?  

If you're stuck: you've been trying to change and haven't.  If you want to make some changes and want to be efficient about not wasting time and energy backtracking.  If you have health issues that aren't healing with western medecine alone. 

You may need information.  You many need the perspective a skilled coach can present to see your life anew. When change isn't happening the way we would like, it's admirable to ask for help in navigating either health problems or life situaions that impact health. 

Shouldn't I be disciplined enough to do this on my own?  I could save money doing it on my own. 

Assuming you had all the information you need, yes, you should, but we don't.  We exist to help each other. I I help you see things you might miss or see things differently.  I give you courage. Eating and other behaviors are often about family ties, social expectations and loyalty; to have someone to talk you through your connections is something we can't do for ourselves.  Journalling is a great start then coaching informs directs it. 

Can't I get the information from the internet?

I personally, have found a great deal of misinformation in the nutritional world on the internet. I have had to undo misinformation clients have throught was true.  I have written newsletters trying to clear up such misinformation.  Then again, I had a client who was 80% well informed about healing an injury but who needed two post surgery appointments with me to be able to fully heal and get leg function back to 100%. Perhaps your experience on the internet is based on astuteness or maybe luck. 

Be truthful with yourself.  Do you keep trying to change and winding up in the same place? Do you know what is keeping you from succeeding?  If you don't get coaching, where will you be in 6 months?  

Why is regular massage needed?

Modern life has stresses and sedentary habits that are not good for bodies.  When muscles get tight and are left that way, they pull on the tendons that cross the joint, literally squeezing the joint space, eventually causing the cartilage lining to rub away and leave us with "bone-on-bone."  Therapeutic Massage loosens the muscles, works out adhesions in the fascia so is restorative to the tissues and  posture.

Why doesn't complete healing always happen in one massage session?

  Habits recreate the poor posture and bring the tension back...the way you sit in the car or at your desk.  And the nervous system has been firing inappropriately in a poor posture so as you change, the nervous system needs time to create new connections and for those connections to get strong.   

What is the best timing between sessions?  

Consistent.  The nervous system reacts best when the tune ups are consistently spaced, be it once every two weeks, once a month or every 5 weeks. Beyond that time, I've observed our body isn't able to maintain progress made in a session. 

How do I "self maintain"?    

Become Aware of when your body is going back to its old posture.  Then you can stop and do your activity differently.  Do the exercises and affirmations we design and choose for you.  

How does healing happen?

 Your body has a blueprint for its healthy self that it remembers. Relaxation returns it to that state so massage helps.  Rest and good nutrition support the healthy state.  When we relax we acknowledge the present and stop remembering the past with it's problems, healing happens.