The 3 month program........... The 6 month program

We reach your personal goals:

 more energy       lose weight      heal from disease  

                                with lasting results

because the program is designed for you personally to make lifestyle changes you want and like.

No more yo-you diets or other plans gotten out of a book because we discover what works for you.

​This is a 3-6 month program.  

Yes it's long but where were you 3-6 months ago? 
Where will you be in 6 months if you don't invest in yourself?

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The Program


2 one-hour sessions one-on-one with Rebecca

Email support in between sessions

Recipes, Food samples

Monthly Newsletter

Monthly group visualizaion

One Free Cooking Class

Hourly Option

If you want to learn

what the nutritional solution is to a particular disease and what to eat to resolve it

without the support of a NHC,

a consulting fee of

$85/ hour 

is available. 

There is a discount if you are also a massage therapy client.  Please inquire. 


Health Coaching​

Your health is your wealth. 

​​Coaching in a Nutshell:

Together we look at your diet and identify your goals.  

 I supply wellness and nutritional information.     

  Your desire for success

 knowledge of what will and won't work for you

and willingness to experiment with new foods and new ways

bring about your success 

Each challenge, each goal

is broken down into doable steps   

I'm your motivator,

the one you are accountable to,

your cheerleader.
We review your health and life satisfaction

and keep going until it's a 10.
Are you worth this investment? YES.

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