Rebecca has many nutritionally complete meals on hand to help you. She has even written a book that contains 30 complete meals, called:

Nutritional Wisdom in Cooking:  A 30 Meal Guide.

Order this excellent book on how to get complete nutrition from whole plant-based meals from Amazon or pick up from Rebecca in person. 

Health Coaching

Health Coach Program Details and Pricing

In 3 to 6 months, we can reach your personal goals, as you define them with me:
     they might be to :  have more energy   or   lose weight   or   heal from disease  

You are heard, and we identify your goals.

You are guided and helped to make positive changes in your life and health. 

You encounter obstacles so we reconvene; you have successes and soon fly free with your new tools and outlook.

No more yo-you diets or other plans gotten out of a book because we discover what works for you.  What really works. What you will continue to enjoy doing. 

Yes, 3-6 months is long, but where were you 3-6 months ago?   And,where will you be in 3-6 months if you don't do this for yourself?

Monthly Program:   Each month you will: 

Meet with Rebecca for 2 one-hour sessions 

Receive informative supporting hand outs, new recipes and food samples

Limited email support in between sessions

Cost: $150/month

There is a 10% discount if you are also a massage therapy client.  


Rebecca’s Nutritional Health Coaching centers itself on the vast research, acknowledged by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, that plant-based diets are best for healthy, active longevity and NOT contracting a chronic disease. 

Not only are plant-based diets not linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, inflammation and obesity but plant-based eating helps people heal chronic diseases, including cancer.

Rebecca helps you transition as much as you desire to a plant-based diet, working specifically with

-your unique likes, dislikes, tastes and lifestyle 

-your heritage and family structure

She introduces new foods, new ways of preparing foods which retain nutritional value, and educates you as to the nutritional content of your food so you learn how to get what you need as a life skill. 

Your goals are established, then Rebecca helps you attain them!  Part of Health Coaching is looking at your whole life's balance to figure out how you may be blocking yourself from your goals without even recognizing it. For ex. eating perfectly but being under stress and not sleeping. Or exercising a lot but being emotionally drained too often.  So to be healthy, we also talk about more than nutrition. 

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