What to Expect During a Session
Your first session includes an information intake during which you share your body's history, and your goals for your therapy.  

This does not take time away from your "table time" and is important for clear communication and your safety.  

All information shared in your sessions is completely private and confidential.

If clothes are being removed, you are given privacy to change.

(I exit the room momentarily).

Professional draping is always used.  

You are in charge of the session.

This is your body and your experience.
I will adjust the technique to what is most healing for you.  

Music that is pleasing is played or if silence is preferred, that is fine.

Water is always provided and it is requested that you take a sip before getting on the table to assure hydration.

Sheets are laundered after each use and the room is cleaned daily.

What to Expect