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Salads and Desserts:  Summer is here and we are ready!

Three very unique salads are created and two desserts.

The idea is to give yourselves refreshing, light, delicious meals that are nutritionally complete with more than enough protein and an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

The feed back I have received is that the salads have been recreated with relish and the desserts ignored so in the future I expect to teach this as Salads with Veggie Breads and Crackers.

Kids Cooking  July 9, 2016

We made 6 Snacks to eat for either at home or to take to school.

The muffins and carrot bakin' are missing because we ate them all.

Sweet pea hummus, Carrot cake smoothie, Blueberry Cashew Sauce, and Protein Sticks with blender catsup. 

Cooking Leafy Greens Class

​​​August 13, 2016

Bounty from Farmer's Market at MPC

Leafy Greens---an excellent source of protein: 2 cups raw = @ 1 serving = about 8 grams. Packed with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, prebiotics 

Above:  Applicious Collards

Dishes also created: 

Collard Wraps,

Chard Frittata and Chard with Tempeh Comfort,
2 Kale Burgers, Kale Comfort Stew and of course, Kale Chips.

An amazing class with really hearty recipes