Cooking Leafy Greens Class

​​​August 13, 2016

Bounty from Farmer's Market at MPC

Leafy Greens---an excellent source of protein: 2 cups raw = @ 1 serving = about 8 grams. Packed with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, prebiotics 

Above:  Applicious Collards

Dishes also created: 

Collard Wraps,

Chard Frittata and Chard with Tempeh Comfort,
2 Kale Burgers, Kale Comfort Stew and of course, Kale Chips.

An amazing class with really hearty recipes

Lentil Class Menu

Quick Sweet Potato Lentil Shepherd’s Pie
Easy Barbeque Lentil Stew, with Corn Muffins and Coleslaw salad. 
Lentil Walnut Tacos with roasted vegetables, homemade salsa and sour creem. 

​Previous Cooking Classes

The great thing about having Rebecca as a teacher is that her knowledge of nutrition governs her cooking methodologies such that maximum nutrient retention and absorption is built into the recipes. She explains why she is doing what she does.  You learn so much more than watching a cooking show!

Kids Cooking  July 9, 2016

We made 6 Snacks to eat for either at home or to take to school.

The muffins and carrot bakin' are missing because we ate them all.

Sweet pea hummus, Carrot cake smoothie, Blueberry Cashew Sauce, and Protein Sticks with blender catsup. 

Salads and Desserts:  Summer is here and we are ready!   5/14/16

Three very unique salads are created and two desserts.

The idea is to give yourselves refreshing, light, delicious meals that are nutritionally complete with more than enough protein and an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

The feed back I have received is that the salads have been recreated with relish without the desserts so in the future I will offer the option to teach this as Salads with Veggie Breads and Crackers.

Great recipes all lovingly created by Rebecca! Outstanding.
                   Paula Lotz 
Learned how to prepare great salads and desserts the vegan way!!! Delicious! Great instructions and factoids about all the ingredients.
                     Suzanne Limbird

Thank you Rebecca for an incredibly delicious afternoon. I have learned so much about making beautiful food that is super nutritious and delicious. This was my fourth class by you and they are superb learnings and delicious experiences! You are awesome.
                  Laura Oneto Hamill

Building with Black Beans Class                                                                                               4/9/16

1. Grocery Shopping Day, so dinner is "Everything Salad"  with favorite veges, nuts, garbanzos, spirulina, nutritional    yeast etc., French bread and Vegan Buttah.                                                                                                   

Tonight Soak the black beans.
2. Manchurian Bean Balls in special broth, rice, grated beet, cucumber, carrot and ginger salad.                          
3. Black bean burritos with silken “sourcream,” Mexican rice, and Cabbage Slaw
4. Black bean soup.  Sauteed Beet Greens.  Simple Green salad and (Garlic) French bread.
5. Sweet Potato Bowl.
6. Black Bean “burgers” on buns w/ avocado and Baked Sweet Potato Fries and Cabbage Slaw     

 Comments on Black Bean Class                                         

 Paula Lotz
 Fantastic class, great food with a wonderful take home packet of delicious recipes.

 I really love Rebecca as a teacher and her energy is amazing. I can't wait for her next class.

 Monica Orbegoso
 Such a wonderful class taught by Rebecca! The meals were super healthy and delicious! Thanks so much   Rebecca ...looking forward to the next class
 Laura Oneto Hamill
 Super delicious - fantastic teacher and I am ready to make these delicious meals. Thank you Rebecca! 
 Inspiring as always.