Cooking Classes:

 There are no refunds for cooking classes.

Here's why:

 Space is very limited.

There is great effort that goes into the preparation of the packets of materials,  shopping,

cooking and presentation prep, set up and clean up.

There is the expense of buying the food both for all of the trials and the class. 

In planning for these classes there needs to be a match between how many signed up and how many are prepped for.

Once I get the maximum number of people, I stop the advertising on media, stop replenishing flyers and post on the website that the class is full so no one else can register via paypal there.  

You are welcome to give your spot away to a friend or find a replacement on your own.  

What happens instead:

When you have registered and paid and cannot come, what I do is make an appointment to meet with you, give you your packet and go over it with you so you get the recipes and a chance to ask any questions in person.  And if there are leftovers, of course you get a chance to taste them. 

Cooking Class Refund Policy