Taiji Dolphin Meditation

The Taiji Cove is is Taiji, Japan right on the Pacific Ocean.

Every year there, for 6 months, from September until March,

dolphins, whole pods of them, whole families, are chased by a large fleet of boats and when a pod is surrounded, they are driven into the cove for human use. 

A few are selected to go into marine parks and are airlifted out.  The remaining dolphins are netted into a small area and stabbed to death by divers to be sold as meat. 

The purpose of this meditation and visualization is to first recognize and know peace within ourselves and then to see it in the cove.  

When we see it in the cove, we create it.  Peace cannot coexist with violence so in visualizing peace there, we create it and the violence is pushed out of existence. 

We have been doing this for two years in conjunction with another group in Pacifica, CA and others throughout the world and the number of dolphin kills continues to decline. 

Sample Meditation you can do anytime.  Approximately 30 min.​