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Rebecca's massage has helped me both physically and emotionally.  I am no longer in pain and feel more balanced.  I look forward to my regular onthly appointments and when I skip one, I really notice and miss it. 

                                   Jeri Hanson, Carmel

Therapeutic Massage​


Building on Black Beans

Paula Lotz
Fantastic class, great food with a wonderful take home packet of delicious recipes. I really love Rebecca as a teacher and her energy is amazing. I can't wait for her next class.

 Monica Orbegoso
Such a wonderful class taught by Rebecca! The meals were super healthy and delicious! Thanks so much Rebecca ...looking forward to the next class

Laura Oneto Hamill
Super delicious - fantastic teacher and I am ready to make these delicious meals. Thank you Rebecca!

Inspiring as always.

Health Coaching

Therapeutic Massage

Cooking Classes

I have been seeing Rebecca for 2 months now. I have more energy that is sustained throughout the day.  I've learned what snacks I need to keep me from binging at the end of the day.  My digestion is better and undisturbed. I've learned to cook dinner for my family and we are all benefitting from a healthier lifestyle.  Rebecca helps me with the meals and grocery list and I've learned to plan ahead.  The food bills are so much lower now too. So far, really good. I can now see my old habits are still there and easy for me to slide back into, but I've got tools and support and successes that are helping me create new habits. And I feel so much better following Rebecca's suggestions now, that is the best motivation. 

David Brock  8-12-16

I had a motorcycle accident that twisted my foot around backwards.  Rebecca has alleviated my pain and her work keeps my hips balanced so I can do the activities I love and not be in pain. She's great. She releases a lot of stuff. 

    Frank Linnebrink, Corral de Tierra

Rebecca is the absolute best! My doctor recommended I get a deep tissue massage for a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. I've been going back ever since. In my business I have to be flexible and her bimonthly massages REALLY help.

I'm certainly a repeat customer.
Highly recommend her if your looking for the BEST!

                        Rod Bartz, Monterey​


Salads and Desserts as Complete Meals

Great recipes all lovingly created by Rebecca! Outstanding.
                   Paula Lotz 

Learned how to prepare great salads and desserts the vegan way!!! Delicious! Great instructions and factoids about all the ingredients.
                     Suzanne Limbird

Thank you Rebecca for an incredibly delicious afternoon. I have learned so much about making beautiful food that is super nutritious and delicious. This was my fourth class by you and they are superb learnings and delicious experiences! You are awesome.
                  Laura Oneto Hamill