Therapeutic Massage​

Therapeutic Massage Session

 Very basically, Rebecca has a firm touch that hunts down knots and endeavors to release them.  

Her excellent palpation skills create the opportunity to prevent future injuries because muscles and fascia are released before they reach a crisis point.  

Her work will keep you out of the surgeon's office.                                             

   All sessions $85/75 minutes.          Call for your appointment today!  (831) 915-8321

Your flexibility is increased, pain/tension decreased, hips balanced with:
--Firm massage strokes working deeply to release adhesions
--Passive Positioning of body parts to release chronic tension 
--Acupressure Points deeply stimulated to release muscles 
--Muscle Energy Techniques to release pent up tensions
We identify:
--the pattern of tension present
--where in your life this pattern comes from (how you sit, drive etc.)
--simple things you can do to change it
--any stresses contributing to this pattern            $85/75 minutes

Gentle Energy Healing Session                          
Your clothes are on. We notice the tension in your body. Acupressure points are held gently.  In the quiet safety of the environment you can feel where and why you hold this tension and release it both physically and emotionally.  You are then guided to choose new thought patterns and behavior.           $85/75 min.

Touch for Health Kinesiology 
You identify a goal for healing for this session. 
You are then muscle tested to identify blockages in energy flow of the 12 major meridians relating to your goal. 
Specific acupressure points are then used to remove your blockages.  
You are then retested to assure the muscles are properly functioning and the energy is flowing.
The Chinese believe that free flowing energy in the body is perfect health. 
A person can come for a Kinesiology session because they have a hurt knee or because they don't understand their fear around creating a new project in their life.  
When you want to know your own answers, kinesiology gets to the root of problems and moves a lot of stagnant energy.  
Muscle testing can also give feedback about nutritional supplements and foods that are needed to help a situation or need to be eliminated.                                                                   $85/75 min


                                               As such she has become an advocate of this for her clients as well. 
What muscles need to be balanced for healthful posture is something she can tell from massaging you. 
                                                 What movement brings you joy is a question she will ask you.